About IYNT

About IYNT

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The IYNT is an inclusive educational network and a prestigious international competition. The IYNT is focused on student participants aged 12 through 16, the age group that has not yet chosen their favorite area of knowledge (physics, chemistry, biology, or other discipline).

Richly atmospheric, the IYNT is an experience of a lifetime for many of its entrants.


Participation in the IYNT nurtures student creativity and imagination. It helps students build a solid basic foundation in more than one discipline. By looking at core science subjects as a whole, the entrants can better understand their research interests that carry over into their future careers.


The framework of the IYNT promotes not only an aptitude for interest-driven learning and research, but also long-term and dedicated work. It is impossible to solve an IYNT problem in a one-hour brainstorming session, and it is nearly impossible to solve it when working alone. The IYNT therefore sits on the exact opposite end of the spectrum from classroom exercises, exams and pencil-and-paper olympiads.


The IYNT underpins resourcefulness, experimentation, persistence, critical thinking, collaborative learning, independent research, and a whole new level of cooperation between teachers and their students.