Introduction to Nanjing Foreign Language School


In 1963, under the guidance of Premier Zhou En Lai, Nanjing Foreign Language School was chartered as one of the first seven foreign language schools in China. For over fifty years, NFLS has insisted on comprehensively implementing the Party's educational policy, strictly following best educational practices, actively keeping up with a rapidly changing world and deeply rooting its development in the progress of society. From its early beginnings, NFLS has led the charge in cultivating specialized foreign language talents that have helped to provide positive contributions to the diplomatic causes of the newlyfounded People’s Republic of China. Seizing the opportunity from China’s ‘opening up’ reform, NFLSwas among the first tointernationalize Chinese education.Catering to students’ individual needs and the ever-changingdemands of the workplace, NFLShas pioneered innovations to support educational advancement and a modern society’s needs. During its history, faculty members of NFLS have never abandoned their aspirations and have stayed current in a rapidly evolving world. A series of strategic measures during different periods in time have allowed NFLS to grow and thrive in union with a rapidly flourishing China. Directly affiliated with the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau,NFLS is one of only 16 foreign language schools within China with a student-recommendation programmme that allows top students direct entry into a Chinese university.


NFLS boasts two beautiful campuses, East Beijing Road Campus and Da Xing Gong Campus. Both sites offer cutting-edge educational facilities and togethercover an area of 46,122 m2, with a construction area of 52,005 m2. The school has306 faculty members, including 293 full-time teachers.96teachers hold a master's degree or higher. There are 9 Special-Grade Senior Teachers, 11 Senior Teachers at Professor Level, 31city-level Academic Leaders and 45Outstanding Young Teachers of Nanjing. Four foreign languages are currently offered at NFLS: English, French, German and Japanese. There are 24 classes under the national high school curriculum, 24 classes under the international high school curriculum (IB, A-level and BCA) and 36 classes under the junior high schoolcurriculum.The total enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year is 3898. Excitingly, the 90000m2 South New Town Campus is now under construction and is scheduled to open in 2022.


Our Motto: Chinese Soul Global Vision

Our Vision: To provide world-class education while embodying Chinese values

Our Mission:  To educate forward-thinking students with a Chinese soul and global vision

Our Philosophy: To provide an environment which facilitates well-rounded and unconstrained development

NFLS provides a student-based education, which encourages well-rounded and unconstrained student development, facilitates the development of individual student needs and which emphasizesbalanced physical and psychological growth. This distinctive, nurturing approach contributes to well-rounded and ambitious NFLS students. NFLS endeavours to foster excellence in both the arts and sciences, as well asencourage the development of superb foreign language skills. With overfifty yearsof relentless effort, NFLS now has over 10,000 outstanding alumni; among them are foreign diplomats, of which over twenty are national ambassadors and two of which are foreign ministry spokespersons.In addition, there are several global governance talents in international organizations such as the World Trade Organization. Furthermore, many alumni are prominent figures in the natural sciences, social sciences, linguistics, literature, and art. Indeed, NFLS alumni can be found proudly taking an active part in important activities all around the world. Over the years, NFLS graduates have been amongst the top in receiving admittance to universities through the aforementioned student-recommendation programme, in college entrance examination scores and in overseas university admissions. NFLS’s all-encompassing structure provides tailor-made channels for further education. A personalized curriculum has also enabled NFLS students to stand out in various competitions around the world, such as in theInternational Olympiad competitions, where NFLS students have won nine gold medals. The Rhodes Scholarship,one of the most prestigious international fellowshipsand often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for Undergraduate Students” is another example of such success. It has been awarded to 16 students frommainland China of which three, so far,are NFLS alumni. Consequently, NFLS students’ potential for continuousgrowth has been widely acclaimed by both universities and societies, at home and abroad.


NFLS has built a multi-dimensional curriculum with the goal to achieve well-roundedstudent developmentat its core. It provides a broad space for teacher growth, centering on continued professional development. It has created a world-oriented campus culture featuring foreign language teaching and formed teacher-student relationships of equality and mutual respecttowards the vision of a harmonious campus. It has formulated a career guidance program tailored to the individuality of students, carried out a variety of student activities aiming at physical and mental well-being and established anopen and inclusive school culture. Based on the curricular concept of “blending Chinese and western cultures and integrating arts and science”, the school has designed its curriculum comprehensively in terms of objectives, content, implementation and evaluation.


Withthe mission “to educate forward-thinking students with a Chinese soul and global vision”,based on the four core values of “cultural foundation and critical thinking, information literacy and self-directed learning, modern personality and action-taking ability,national identity and global competence”, NFLS has constructed athree-tier curriculum pyramid featuring foundation courses, development courses and honours courses. In more recent years, Nanjing Foreign Language School has embraced western-style education by offering its students the opportunity to enroll in international programmes offered by the British Columbia Academy (BCA), Cambridge International A-Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB). NFLS has also established sister-school relationships with 50 top secondary schools in more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.


In 2019, NFLS was named one of the best high-quality model high schools in Jiangsu Province. NFLS will always start from its vision “To provide world-class education while embodying Chinese valuesand cultivating innovative talents with global competence” and deeply root itself in China whilst also supporting theintegration of Chinese and western cultures.We will continue to maintain an adaptive mindset and take other world-class schools as a benchmark, to actively explore the road to a modern, high-quality model of high school education, whilst always embracing our Chinese values.