NFLS CAL Innovation Club



Innovation Club


One man can imagine, others can make true.

Innovation Club is a place for students to release their thoughts and to use their own intelligence to solve problems. We collect these thoughts, classify them, and try to make them come true.

But it has been noticed that it's quite hard to collect these ideasmaybe because you are too afraid to shout out your thoughts---you might be afraid that you can't build what you imagine, you may concern that your idea sounds ridiculous...

There’s no problem at all! Now, let me put it in this way:

If you can't build or just choose not to, its okay, you speak it out, then someone else will make it for you.

Or, when you grow up and become capable to make it, find out what you want to do, and make it real.

So, all we really need to do now is ---Thinking!

We don't care what your idea is: a pencil addition, a new-type vehicle, or even a nuclear bomb---Anything, really! Or how ridiculous the idea sounds: to clean your cats automatically, to eliminate a dead body with some kind of beautiful chemical without trace, or to drive a car simply by moving your head ...



Throw your ideas to this mail . It's always open for you, by you, I mean ANY OF YOU.

Just because you haven't noticed yet, doesn't mean you are not a good inventor.