The perfect show--- Cry Cry


The perfect show--- Cry Cry

                                               -----高一六 朱嘉倩

It is widely recognized that we Class 6, Senior 1 has already performed a superb dancing and singing show during the Foreign Languages Festival.

We chose a hottest hit ‘Cry Cry’ by a popular Korean Group T-ara. In order to feed the demands of the Foreign Languages Festival, three adorable girls boldly recorded this song in English out of their own comprehension, which achieved an unbelievable success.

What overwhelmingly took the audience by storm was our stunning dancing. Many a person who had watched the show said that these boys and girls were marvelously cool. The girls appeared so sexy and vivid that the audience was utterly magnetized by them. What’s more, our history teacher Ms. Gu also put that she really admired the outstanding boys in our class, for, in the view of her, the artistically gifted boys were very rare.

Generally speaking, all the glorification and awards were attributed to our classmates’ hard work and the spirit of dedication. They devote a lot to reach the perfect level and they deserved such compliments and honor. They are truly the super stars in our mind.