The Dubbing Competition


The Dubbing Competition

高一(6)班 李子欣

Recently, a film dubbing competition aroused popularity among our senior1 students. As a component of the 26th Foreign Language Festival, the dubbing competition really gave all of us an opportunity to touch and savor the authentic oral English and the English culture.

All of the students are required to work in groups of 2~5, and to cooperate together and finally give a presentation in front of the class. Every student prepared well. My partner and I dubbed for Finding Nemo, a very famous cartoon. I once thought this was quite easy but the fact proved me wrong. One should really work hard in order to imitate the character’s pronunciation and intonation, feel his, her or maybe its emotions and psychology as well as keep up with the time and the characters’ movement. It was a great challenge for me to learn to sound like a silly but kind fish with short-term memory loss. Sounds funny? Actually a tough task!

Everyone did a good job, so it was quite a happy time to enjoy the several minutes of performance before each English lesson. On the stage, you should really be brave and never mind others’ remarks, just show yourself. I believed everyone succeeded because I saw shy girls shout “angrily”, or careless boys dub for several characters without making a single mistake. This was just another rare side of them, but it showed the ability of a NFLSer to make changes, to try new things, to find another facet of personality.